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Understanding worldviews

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  • What's a worldview?

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  • We all have one whether we know it or not

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  • There is a tendency to classify people as being 'religious' or being in a 'faith community', but of course we all have beliefs, things that guide our actions, whether we articulate them or not - that is our worldview.  You can decide on your own categories but here's a summary from Christian Medical Fellowship:

    GodDoesn't existAn impersonal forceA personal being
    Moral goodArbitraryWhat's naturalGod's nature
    Life after deathNoneReincarnationJudgement and Heaven/Hell
    Human beingsClever monkeysPart of the totality of beingBeings in God's image
    TruthDiscovered by scienceSubjectiveRevealed by God
    % of med students65%5%30%


    Larry Taunton says 'ideas have consequences'. Faced with decisions in life different outcomes are likely to happen. If there is no sense of having to give an account of your actions, even before a loving God, decisions get reduced to 'what I can get away with' - a calculation or rationalisation based on the social/legal rules of the time, rather than on enduring creation principles.

    If 65% of medical students have an atheistic worldview then their attitude to intrinsic human worth is going to be interesting... Its affects all our attitudes to honesty, truth.

    Where does a worldview come from: family, friends, education, work - caught as well as taught. Little is actually 'scientific' or raw-logic as it operates above that mechanistic level. So to work things out you have to be thoughtful: 'Come now, let us reason together' says the LORD Isaiah 1:18.

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  • There is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.Prov 14:12

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