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Same sex wedding, LGBT


scenario Scenarios

  • Come to my (same-sex) wedding

oneliner One-liners

  • Look we’re friends but I don’t think I can celebrate that

body In-brief

  • It's not always appropriate to get too involved in things we know are not God’s best way.

    Sometimes the invite may be a little provocative, especially if from someone you don't know well - eg in the office.

    Some like to claim 'micro aggressions' but these tend to operate in only one direction. If someone who does not share their views is offended by something they do - that does not seem to count.  This shows it's an ideological play, trying to get you to change and concede, rather than a true appeal to fairness.

    A true friend however will understand other people's sensibilities and be fine with a "thanks, I but can't come".

shield Shield verses

  • You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.Is 26:3

deeper Digging deeper

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