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Fine tuning Universe

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scenario Scenarios

  • The universe is too vast and empty for there to be a God

oneliner One-liners

  • There are many aspects of ‘fine-tuning’ in the universe and even on Earth itself

body In-brief

  • If a number of the key ‘constants’ (like gravity) were minutely different (one part in 1060) the universe would not exist.

    On earth (The Privileged Planet) if water did not behave as it does (expanding on freezing, a solvent, key for living organisms) life would not be possible.

    The distance of the Earth to Sun is critical as is the presence of the moon in allowing life to exist.

    The makeup of the atmosphere creates a necessary warm greenhouse

    These and many other points at least cause us to wonder - is this beyond mere chance?

shield Shield verses

  • The world is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof Ps 24:1

deeper Digging deeper

Stream: Science / Section: Science origins

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