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scenario Scenarios

  • We should just get rid of old people
  • If they want to die - let them

oneliner One-liners

  • Now old? Even you?
  • Life is beyond price

body In-brief

  • Once we start disposing of people, where do we stop? Age, health, abilities, worth as economic units…

    Surely we (all) believe that all people are created equal, so no-one has a right to take life?

    God is the author of life for each person so we don’t have the right even to take our own lives. If we did, a person who feels they are ‘becoming a burden’ may feel they have to take their life. This has been seen in countries that allow euthanasia: Young Belgian woman euthanised after suffering from PTSD

    In Canada, where this is legal, the person concerned has to raise the issue not the medical staff but this does not necessarily happen. As predicted, what starts with saveguards soon loses them as other interests intrude. It's been reported that they are killing 10,000 people a year with ‘medical assistance in dying’ (MAID). In depth here.

    UK hospitals are also effectively euthanising without consent according to Lords and Commons and Family and Child Protection Group, who propose strengthening protection. Example here.

    "The legal barrier against euthanasia and assisted suicide is there for a purpose. It is a line in the sand that prevents us slipping into a culture of death-dealing. Crossing it would . . . would brutalise an entire society." Melanie Phillips.

    More here:

shield Shield verses

  • you were bought at a price. Therefore honour God with your bodies. 1 Cor 6:20

deeper Digging deeper

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