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scenario Scenarios

  • Not much diversity
  • Sorry you’re the wrong demographic

oneliner One-liners

  • Of what – physical characteristics or opinion or ability?
  • Who do you want to operate on your child, the best surgeon or the DEI-est?

body In-brief

  • ‘Everybody bangs on about diversity except diversity of opinion’ Claire Fox

    'Diversity, Equality, Inclusion' is a fine-sounding attempt to promote certain groups based on immutable characteristics like sex, race/ethnicity, disability. It is rarely about (older) age, so not really about D, E or I.

    diversity not


    from Managed dehuminisation.


    Generally, equality of opportunity is desirable – DEI implies equality of outcome.

    Positive discrimination has been tried and has not worked, not least because of those it discriminates against.
    Inclusion in the best sense should reflect the attribute’s proportion in the population – usually it over-represents minorities which is unfair to others, eg '20% of shortlists must be BAME candidates' when this proportion does not even exist in the population.

    A group should think about what a particular issue is and recruit the best people to address that.

shield Shield verses

  • For God does not show favoritism Rom 2:11

deeper Digging deeper

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