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Decolonise the curriculum

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  • Decolonise the curriculum

oneliner One-liners

  • You mean remove references to white people – would you do the same in Africa (for its native colour?)

body In-brief

  • 'Decolonise’ means removing ‘whiteness’ as these are considered the oppressors – just their presence irrespective of what they did or said.

    In actual fact, revisionist historians have been skewing history for decades, so it was already a biased account. It's only recently that some have been pushing back and seeking to portray what actually happened (see Tom Holland's book 'Dominion: the making of the Western mind').

    So, as is a common tactic, an accusation is made that is not true (as with "you're all racists") in order to justify an even greater skewing of the facts to give a more anti-western (ie your) narrative. This kind of treatment is usually called propaganda. See a short video discussing a High School Exam Board study guide.

    If two people of different skin colour said the same thing the ‘white’ one would be expunged. 'Curriculum' normally refers to schools and universities, but the intent is to apply to all areas of life. We see 'historical' films where characters come from minorities where this was never the case, and these characters are the ones with the power.

    The same effect is seen in advertisements, and the extent of this not-so-subtle signalling, which includes other minority attributes, is that people think these groups are larger than they are and therefore have been suppressed and have the right to more economic and cultural influence now.

    It's not about truth or fairness, it's about power.

shield Shield verses

  • Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue lasts only a moment.. Prov 12:19

deeper Digging deeper

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