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    Critical Race Theory is part of a group of 'Critical Theories': Queer Theory, Postcolonial Theory, Feminism & Gender studies, Disability and CRT.

    These have been developed over the last 50 years into a 'Social Justice' theme which derives from a Marx-like idea of oppression of the masses by a privileged group. It also fits into ideas of 'post-truth'. Here it's applied not just to economic management (which has failed when tried) but to other parts of our human condition. Having a non-majority skin colour or gender or sexual attraction or disability makes you automatically oppressed by others. The more you have of these 'Intersections' the more oppressed you are.

    This is an attractive mantra if you are not doing so well in life and need to find a reason for that, or if you are into activism and the idea of campaigning for the rights of others. The problem is that if you really want to help, this is probably not the most practical way, but adherents of Critical Theory end up coming to their conclusions as acts of faith, so are almost immune to reason or argument.

    Some concepts

    Critical Theory concepts on Race include (from

    • Racism is always present, 'systemic', so it's a matter of seeing how. Any unequal outcome is evidence (independent of skill, effort, talent etc).
    • Members of the majority race group only help members of other races to gain some advantage so prolong racism.
    • The ideas of fairness, objectivity and equality don't work for minority races so obscure the real problem.
    • Race was created by white people so they could discriminate against others.
    • Racism cannot be eradicated - except by overthrowing the system.
    • Science, logic was invented by white Western men and are therefore biased in their favour

    It's easy to see that if you believe these things it's very hard to change - as logic and reasonableness themselves have been dismissed, and anyone seeking to help is part of the problem.

    As well as Queer Theory, Postcolonial etc, this is also a useful toolkit to attach to other causes like environmentalism or climatism as any appeals to facts or logic or truth can be dismissed as oppressive.
    Each of these points has been comprehensively debunked (see Cynical Theories) by politically left and right. It's been pointed out that paradoxically its actually divisive and racist...

    In short: wokeness is a movement that tackles injustice in society by creating more of it  Michael Deacon


    But the endpoint is not reconciliation, as that is deemed impossible, but revolution (as we've seen with riots, destruction, defund-police but also psychologically with Political Correctness, Safe Spaces). Revolution will only be complete when power and wealth have passed into the hands of the new elite (BLM: now 'Build Large Mansions').

    We all struggle with life but demonising those different to us is never going to help. Instead what often works is the radical step of seeking to love your neighbour.

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  • There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death. Prov 16:25 (AV)

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