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Praying for the Nation - items

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prayer for nation
Digging deeper

Here are some topics, tailored to the UK but no-doubt applicable everywhere - please add your own!

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  • thanks for the tradition of caring inspired by the Christian ethos of the equal and special value of everyone, and responsibility for mutual care
  • thanks for dedication of so many of our local GPs, hospital staff and community health workers
  • pray for more people to seek to be doctors, nurses and coordinators
  • that there will be renewed focus on patient care over administrative convenience
  • that people will be treated as made in the image of God not biological machines



  • thanks that God loves us and is the sole giver of life and will receive us at a time of His choosing
  • it is currently opposed in the UK
  • pray that an attempt in Scotland will be defeated, also Jersey and IoM
  • it will be revoked or more strictly controlled in Canada, The Netherlands, Switzerland
  • old or disabled people will not think themselves as 'a burden' but seek God’s purposes for themselves each day
  • for hospices and care homes, especially Martlets, Lindridge ...
  • that hospitals will continue to prevent unsolicited DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) notices and improper use of drugs
  • that hospitals will be transparent and accountable concerning turning off life support (BBC Premier)


Unborn children

  • thanks for the truly amazing gift of children, that we are fearfully and wonderfully made
  • people prepared to speak up for children in the womb, even at risk to their jobs and liberty
  • the medical skills available for maternity care
  • pray to reduce minimum legal time from 24-22 weeks as younger premature babies are surviving
  • against decriminalising abortion up to birth
  • for improved adoption and fostering services that place children with loving families
  • to stop abortion altogether (over 700/day in UK)



  • thanks for those in the armed services – with a mission to establish and maintain international civil order
  • remembering 80 years since D-Day (celebrated 5-6 June) and the defeat of authoritarian aggression
  • pray for a renewed sense of vocation leading to better recruitment
  • chaplains leading services, evangelising and counselling
  • leaders demonstrating a commitment to high standard of bravery, service & professionalism over ideology
  • for financial support for effective equipment and sufficient personnel


Business & economy

  • thanks for the fruits of the earth that supply us with our ‘daily bread’. You know our needs even before we ask
  • well established patterns of trade and commerce that allow us to have enough food and shelter
  • ordered, ethical business practices that lead to better material and social outcomes
  • pray for effective leaders and managers to create and produce useful products
  • the best use and maintenance of our natural resources
  • fair distribution of the wealth of the nation and application of employment law

Free speech

  • thanks for the tradition of open discourse within a framework of truthfulness and respect that has Christian roots, and leads to social and economic prosperity 
  • for media channels that remain or have become more balanced
  • pray for repeal of ‘Hate Crime’ law in Scotland
  • social media manage posts according to law not ideology or political control
  • that its ethos will reflect Christian truths about the created order not human-invented ideologies
  • ‘disinformation’ will be based on factual evidence not whether it strays from an official narrative


Local & central government

  • thanks for a form of government that has bought tremendous benefits in the past
  • that all authority only exists because you ordain it (Jn 19:11)
  • for Christian organisations that support good governing: Christian Concern, Christian Institute, CARE
  • pray for a recovery of democratic principles against growing authoritarian and bureaucratic centralisation
  • that our Prime Minister, other ministers, MPs will fulfil your mandate for them, to whom they will give account
  • for fair taxation and a sense of pubic service in place of undue central control
  • fair elections as a foundation of respect for all people and confidence in legitimate and orderly governance
  • our local counsellors (you may know some by name) for Godly wisdom and energy in the many issues they find themselves involved in
  • the Police service, Fire service, Social Services and other community work

International cooperation

  • thanks for international bodies that genuinely seek peace & cooperation between nations
  • stronger nations like US, UK and others when they have helped keep peace and advance prosperity
  • pray for restraint in global organisations UN, World Bank, WHO, WEF that seek undue control over the affairs of nations outside of democratic choice
  • that the government & UN will insist on protection for Christians in the many countries where they are persecuted, in accordance with existing legal charter agreements
  • for transparency and accountability to national taxpayers for programme aims, funding, and staff (anti-corruption)
  • freedom from ideological bias or private financial incentives

Creation care

  • thanks for our amazing world – its beauty and complexity from universe to single cell!
  • God’s provision of food and shelter – every hair on your head
  • mankind as the crown of creation and the mandate to fill the earth and husband its resources
  • that we can ‘think God’s thoughts after him’ in scientific discovery (Kepler)
  • pray that the earth’s resources are developed and shared to the benefit of the local inhabitants
  • that science is conducted honestly without ideological bias or financial incentive
  • that we continue to enjoy natural beauty and see God’s hand in it


  • thanks for Christians founding free education in Britain 
  • the many dedicated teachers and support organisations (Festive, Diocese, OTF, B&HCM)
  • the amazing educational standards in the past which led to prosperity and well-being in Britain and shared abroad 
  • pray for a genuine return to a making learning a priority and a joy
  • increased discipline in classrooms to assist teachers and pupils to use the time well
  • rejection of progressive ideological teaching around race, identity, gender
  • teaching history accurately without political bias
  • sciences to reflect best evidence around creation in place of evolutionary theory
  • vouchers for schools so independent schools have better funding



  • thanks for God’s ‘10 laws of life’ as a framework for thriving
  • a stable legal system existing in Britain for many centuries (back to Alfred), founded on God’s law
  • the many legal staff endeavouring to bring Godly justice
  • pray for judges not to exceed their authority, seeking to be the executive
  • an end to ‘lawfare’ where government or wealthy individuals bring spurious cases for ideological ends
  • rejection of laws that restrict Christian freedom to preach
  • repeal of laws that enshrine unbiblical practices
  • enforcing gender-specific spaces
  • outlawing Sharia and other extra-judicial enforcement systems


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