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Digging deeper

God loves what he has made down to the smallest quark. He made us humans male and female and declared this was very good.

Nina Power (@Nina_Compact) discusses her book  "What Men Want" in this video.

'I think probably most women do want men to take more responsibility but at the same time you have a culture that superficially seems to attack ideas of patriarchy you know and imagine that there is such a thing as a patriarchy which there isn't. There's actually a kind of absence of fathers and a denigration of paternity so we don't live in a patriarchy and in some ways  there are losses there too because basically what that means is that no one is taking responsibility and that there's no verticality you know. Everyone is like brother and sister which is what I argue in the book so everyone becomes like a sibling.  I think men do want responsibility. I think it makes sense for them to want to protect their wives and children if they have them, or want to protect their country or want to protect each other. These are not negative things these are virtues. I think modern women are maybe also victims of this culture…' 

Here is a powerful and touching description of manhood as first inscribed in Genesis and reflected throughout the Bible.  Why do we not hear more of this - even in Church? Is it loving to be silent on one of the greatest themes in the Bible, even echoing God's Fatherhood? Are Christians taking their cue from the world or the Word?  How well the world's censor has dumbed us into silence!

Do we allow feminism a free ride or consider where it has got us - with men and women unsure of their roles and afraid of marriage and families - which need strong covenant relationships - with God at the centre. God can only be there if we allow his prescriptions of what we should be and rejoice in them.

In marriage: 'Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her ... each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.' Ep 5:25,28

We don't need more grey confusion we need more maleness and more femaleness rejoicing in God's creation in all richness and humility.

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