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Staying Strong

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'Conversion Therapy'

It seems the UK government is having doubts about legislating this. Liz Truss extended the consultation period and it sounds like she (retaining Equalities portfolio) is listening to what is being said and realising the ideological rather than evidence-based nature of these proposals.

Canada has decided not to consider the insensible nature of its law (C-4) which among other things describes the Bible's views on sexuality (that there are only 2 sexes) as a myth. Anyone who speaks against this is liable to up to 5 years in prison...

So many churches in the US, Canada and elsewhere decided to all preach on Biblical Sexuality last Sunday (the day the law came into effect) and there are some great talks; a key one from James Coates on Genesis 1, Romans 1/3/8, 1 Cor 6 is here:

It starts with what God is doing in the world today, how these cultural movements fit with that as rebellion, and he sums up

I don't practice conversion therapy I don't even know what conversion therapy is. I preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. I point people to the Lord Jesus Christ. I point them to mercy and forgiveness. I call them to repentance but I can't bring about repentance, I can't convert anyone to Christ that's a work of the Spirit, only he can accomplish that work.


Two good outcomes have surfaced recently:

* the exoneration of the N Ireland bakers, Ashers, for not having to endorse a slogan that was against their beliefs.

Even Peter Tatchell agreed with it 'on balance'. Consider the opposite argument - a same-sex attracted bakery being asked to produce a cake saying 'Marriage is only between a biological man and a biological women'. It shows the vexatious nature of the case from the start, and that the instigators rely on their targets' feelings of imputed shame so they don't think through what is happening and challenge the wrong.

This appeal was to the European Court of Human Rights showing how unsafe and unequal UK equality law is. The NI Equality Commission spend over £250k of public money on the case!

* the success of a nurse in an Employment Tribunal. She was not allowed to wear a cross. The court found the NHS Trust had acted in a discriminatory way.

The Christian Institute supported the first case and Christian Concern the second.

These cases show that some people are 'out to get you'. It also highlights the need to be wise, gracious and informed. The Christian legal teams need our prayer and support.

Forced diversity

This is another area of false virtue (ie evil!). As I mentioned previously a friend was told they were the wrong demographic to be on the General Synod, as if that was a key consideration and is actually an ageist, sexist and racist one! The point of diversity is to ensure equality of opportunity not of outcome. As many have said, having a variety of immutable characteristics does not mean you have a variety of opinions - often it's the opposite - which is maybe the point, to exclude unwelcome views!

Samual Sey (a Canadian originally from Ghana) has some good words on this 'Forced Diversity, CRT and Sinful Partiality in the Evangelical Church'.

It's so encouraging to see a man who came from a poor background showing how God grows us under his blessing - the more we grow close to God the more he gives spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth and material sufficiency.


As Christians we may be more aware than most of the CCP's suppression of freedom as they have forced churches into the 'Three-Self Patriotic Movement' or destroyed ones that object. Will we end up having to submit our sermons for Govt approval as they do? (see Canada above)

Barnabus Fund keeps an eye on China (though don't/can't work there AFAIK) eg china places further restrictions on Christian social media content

We've seen China recently in the news and we have to remember that the money they are using to buy up our industry, universities and MPs, build up their military, buy-off small countries, and control international organisations (like WHO - to global detriment) has come from us - from our purchase of things.

So about the only bargaining chip we have is to purchase things made elsewhere (support Taiwan!). With some items it's nearly impossible - try it - which underlines their dangerous market dominance and our fragile supply-chain. It's helpful to ask suppliers to show origins on websites/catalogues (also a good indicator of carbon-miles).

What did they really mean...

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Educating Rita & Rick

All these topics show the need to understand the signs of the times and to act decisively when we need to. We are very much like ambassadors - on the ball, understanding the foreign country, speaking their language, communicating our leader's worldview, but never going native.