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Sound doctrine + sound witness

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Joyeux Noel - Joel!

You have to dig this minor prophet!  A picture of God's plan for the world and our part in that.

Good news on pre-born

Texas had tightened the law, reducing the time limit and Biden is seeking to stop them - the Supreme Court has judged otherwise. It's a complicated legal/constitutional issue which could have widespread positive implications,  more here .

'Conversion Therapy'

The campaign against this Bill has been effective with Liz Truss (who holds the 'Women and Equalities' portfolio as well as Foreign Secretary) extending the consultation period and signalling that she will uphold free speech. If you'd like to contribute online (some of us have) there is guidance:

CS Lewis film 'The Most Reluctant Convert'

This directed by Norman Stone and covers CS Lewis's whole life (Shadowlands was just one part).  It has done very well in the US. We can see trailer and pay-view if interested:

Calvin Robinson

Another popular & bright commentator is Calvin Robinson. He's a Christian - talking here on ethnicity and education - and towards the end he's asked about his faith

Sound doctrine+sound witness


I think it would be useful to come up with some resources for this. I think it's crucial pastors start teaching sound doctrine alongside sound witness to ordinary Christians.

Tyndale had this vision of  a plough boy knowing more of the scriptures than church/civil authority.

It's fundamentally a recovery of focus on Jesus and in him God's sovereignty and grace  - what could be better!

Where people are at

It's the kind of thing senior church leaders should be planning but it wont happen in mainstream CoE as most bishops are enthusiastically liberal.

The main 'Seeker friendly' part of CoE (HTB network) seem very reluctant to challenge the prevailing orthodoxy as that might put people off.  I think the opposite is the case for genuine seekers - see  Restored to the Kingdom.

New Frontiers seem to be more balanced but not focussed.

The local 'gospel coalition' churches are similar (eg .

Non-liberal parts of the Southern Baptist Convention in the US are focussed and moving forward (Founders Ministries), in fact it seems the reformed churches are doing well as they have the theological backbone and loving practice to counter these hurtful ideologies. They are developing videos around cultural topics called 'Wield the sword'.

Christian Concern and CARE in the UK are putting this kind of thing into practice but in the context of particular campaigns and cases rather than in the general teaching and encouragement of ordinary Christians.