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On persecution

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Free Speakers

Some good news - Hatun Tash a Christian evangelist was unlawfully arrested at Speaker’s Corner after she complained about being attacked (stabbed) while witnessing to Muslims. The Christian Legal Centre supported her. The Met Police have now apologised and she was awarded £10,000 in damages & costs. police-apologise-and-award-christian-evangelist-10000-for-arrests


While Mermaids is now under investigation for Safeguarding concerns (though the CoE has yet to abandon its Trans guidance) the establishment is still prosecuting those who stand against the damage done by the Trans myth. This week a primary school teacher was dismissed for refusing to affirm the ‘gender transition’ of one of her pupils.


“I was given a choice – go against your conscience and do what you believe would cause a vulnerable child long-term damage, or face losing your career.

“I could not, based on scientific evidence, my Christian beliefs, and the heart-breaking stories of detransitioners, knowingly participate in harming a child.

"Whiteness: A Problem of Our Time": Nurse Sues NHS For Racist Class Saying Bible & Whites Are Racist

This interview is about mental health training from a nurse - how she protested being told to judge people based on group immutable characteristics rather than individual character.

She was asked for feedback after being sent (during lockdown) ideologically charged lectures to watch, including attacks on Christianity. She said she felt they had nothing to do with her training as a psychotherapist and was threatened with disciplinary action. As is often the case, 'progressives' claim to be above the law, so the proper disciplinary procedure was never followed (which would probably have shown up their injustice). But the moral and psychological pressure was immense anyway.

She consulted others and the Christian Legal Centre provided early advice. Her own legal team is now pursuing this test case. She says working with others in a team is vital for practical and emotional survival.