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High Places

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Remove the high places

This week is a key time for the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) the largest denomination in the US (Saddleback is a member). At the last annual meeting the committee managed to manoeuver a vote in favour of CRT/I. People were confused & shocked. This year those who have not 'bowed the knee' are getting organised and are seeking to rescind that and make a fuller statement that the SBC is actually based on worshipping the God revealed in the Bible.

The CoE leadership have already gone down the same 'woke' path, but they cannot be voted out (we must re-introduce Bishops being elected by parishes!). Who is getting organised to oppose them apart from Christian Concern, NT Wright, J John?

I think there is an echo of this in the books of Kings & Chronicles where the leaders of God’s people are assessed on whether they destroy or build the 'high places' - places to worship other gods – ignoring the Temple where God wanted people to gather and where the good commandments (‘that you may live long in the land’) resided in the Ark – the lid of which was the Mercy Seat. This seems to parallel our leaders ignoring the atoning salvation and law of God and building and worshipping ungodly and deadly apparitions of the enemy.

Useful reference: bible-study-magazine-blog/2017/10/10/what-were-the-high-places

Nigel Biggar honour

Great news that Nigel Biggar (one of the Good Guys) was honoured being made a CBE -

queen-s-birthday-honours-nigel-biggar-appointed-cbe-after-storm-over-his-colonial-views (if anyone has a Times subscription you could see the whole article!)

J John 'Waking up to Wokeness'

A user-friendly and diplomatic article - but basically 'don't touch with a barge pole'.

The aim of CRT

Darrell B. Harrison @D_B_Harrison:

I'm often asked, "What is the endgame of Critical Race Theory?" My response: power—and everything that comes with it—wealth, control, and, pre-eminently, an intersectional, anti-Christian society wherein Marxism serves as its foundation and ethnic partiality as its cornerstone.

PC Christmas Carol 2 FreedomToons!


Evangelical Alliance

I challenged a recent email from them which advocated audits to see how biased we are on racism. I said they must be aware this language is code for CRT. I suggested some alternative actions and I had a helpful reply from Gavin Calver. I'll be seeking to follow this up.

Boris Johnston to Robert Peston at G7

'The fool says in his heart 'There is no God''